Dating an Economist

Dating an Economist is an audio and embedded performance work involving a series of dinner dates with economists across the UK, Canada and the US in 2015.

As the furious pace of neoliberalism continues to transform every space, body and desire into an airbnb equivalent—what are the options for those of us who still believe in ‘free love’? Can radical acts of creation and intervention avoid being recuperated by the death machine? What does it mean to be a freelance artist under finance capitalism? Can we reengineer the economy and speculate on our futures and derivatives in ways that don’t involving fucking the planet?

Using a bunch of ideas drawn from Jean Francois Lyotard’s text “Libidinal Economy”, Rebecca salaciously bent these thoughts into a seductive dinner conversation with six amazing economists, extracting the surplus value of their ideas to enhance her understanding of the artist in the age of enterprise culture.

These dinner dates formed the basis to an audio work commissioned by Radio National’s Radio Tonic Program in 2016.

To hear a radio interview about the project check out:
To hear the final audio work go here:

Presented across various locations from June through September 2015
Supported by Nava; This project recieved funding through the Australia Council.