A Very Beautiful Laundromat is a project machine for a suite of works at the intersection of art and economy.

A Very Beautiful Laundromat

A Very Beautiful Laundromat is a curatorial platform and project-machine for expanded practice at the intersection of art and economy. Between 2016-2018 this project will develop and present a number of public iterations as artist-led responses to ‘doing economy differently’.

These iterations will come in the form of ironing services, performance lectures, dinner dates, diagrams, dirty laundry, liquid lunches, therapy, radical business plans, group situations, audio documentaries, posters, essays and other text-based objects.

The initial creative development for this endeavour was seeded from an Australian Council (Experimental Arts) grant. It has also been supported through NAVA and a number of residences conducted in Europe and North America in 2015. This is a project conceived and directed by Rebecca Conroy in collaboration with a range of partners and artist led practitioners.

Using the laundromat as a small business model and place of public gatherings, this project will attempt to strike the balance between the feast and famine of creative work—building towards an actual artist-run laundromat in 2018.