Bike-Book-Machine is a pedal powered curated bookshelf.

Bike Book Machine

The Bike-Book-Machine is a custom designed pedal powered mobile library connected to the activities of The Librarium.

In a world of increasing privatisation of space and resources, the Bike-Book-Machine was our attempt to insert the share culture back into public space and open up conversation on some radical topics from our small collection of text-objects. As critique of the growing “share-economies” expands along with the rise and rise of bike culture, the Bike-Book-Machine attempted to bring these important things together.

Each Sunday outing culminated in a public conversation with special guests on a curated bookshelf topic. Audio from these talks are available on Soundcloud.

Featured guests: Stephen Healy, Bronwen Morgan, Somaya Langley, Marco Cuevas-Hewitt, Louise Crabtree, Benjamin Forster, Sarah Coconis, and Bec Dean.