Walking to the Laundromat is a darkly (mis)guided walking meditation for participants doing their collective laundry exploring affective labour and the penetration of the female body by capital.

Walking to the Laundromat

Life can sometimes feel like a long laundry list that you struggle to get through. *Sigh. If this is you, doing the laundry can be a great opportunity to refocus on your core strengths and build resilience into your day.

Walking to the Laundromat is an audio walk that combines mindfulness practice with doing the laundry in an attempt to explain the interconnections between service economy, emotional capital, and affective labour from the perspective of the artist’s exceptional labouring body.

This event was first performed on May Day 2016 at Washingdone Laundromat, Enmore.

Walking to the Laundromat is an Audio Walk and Laundromat Service commissioned by the Walking Lab, a research-creation project of the University of Toronto: Performing Lines: Innovations in walking and sensory research methodologies is an International research project with a goal to create a collaborative network and partnership between artists, arts organizations, activists, scholars and educators interested in walking, movement, and sensory knowledge.