I like talking and here are some events and organisations that have invited me to speak.

8 June “Walking to Laundromat: A mindfulness guide for when capital penetrates your body” Panel presentation, New Materialisms Conference, Paris.

3 June “Creative Careers” Guest panelist for Vivid Festival, Art Gallery of NSW

1 June “ Designing a Smart City is a no-brainer” Conversations for the Future/City
Facilitator with guests Dr Sarah Barns (Urban Research Fellow, WSU) and Kati Westlake (Senior Planner, TfNSW)

29 – 31 May “Collaborative Urbanism: City Making in the Age of the Sharing Economy” Big Ideas in Place, Place Leaders Asia Pacific 2017. The Connection Rhodes Community Precinct

May 25 “Can we afford not to make housing affordable?” Conversations for the Future/City Facilitator with guests Dr. Louise Crabtree (WSU) and ?

18 May “Playground Politics and the Migrant experience today” Conversations for the Future/City. Facilitator with guests Dr Shanthi Robertson (WSU) and Dorothy Hottinott (Principal Holroyd High School)

April 4 Guest panelist for “DIY: Create Your Own Future in the Arts” Creative Pros Series: Entrepreneurs in the Arts Forum City of Sydney, 107 Projects Redfern.

25 Jan “Scent of Sydney: Extravagance panel” Facilitator conversation with Jeremy Walker and Elizabeth Farrelly, Sydney Festival, Carriageworks, Redfern.


‘Pop Ups and their Effect on the City, NAVA and the Rocks Precinct, Customs House, April 8, 2013

Presentation on the Librarium project and Bill+George as artist run space at Read/Write Library, Chicago: June 8, 2012

‘Staging interventions into the unreal estate bubble in Australia’ conference paper presented at Open Engagement, Portland Oregon USA: May 13, 2012

Presenter, ‘That Property is Theft’ third speaker for the affirmative team as part of Serial Space Debating series, Chippendale: 30 March, 2012

Presenter, ‘Defining an Artist Run Sector’ in We Are Here: National Symposium of Artist Run Spaces, Sydney Sept 1- 4, 2011

Presenter, The Future of Art, in Quarterbred Symposium at Tiny Stadiums, Erskineville, Feb 27. 2010

Chair, Translab Dialogues Forum at Performance Space, November 4, 2009

Keynote and Panel facilitator, ‘Art and Spaces in Sydney’ at Creative Sydney, June 25, 2009

Presenter, One Way or Another, at Artspace, Sydney. 2009

Presenter, ‘Contemporary Approaches to Cross Cultural Excursions’ in Quarterbred Symposium, Tiny Stadiums, Erskineville, 2009.

‘Top Ten Tips for Live Art’ presented at ‘Take off Your Skins’ a Key Event at Melbourne Fringe, October 4, 2009

‘The Future of Hybrid Art in Australia’ at This is the time, this is the record of the time PVI, Perth Nov. 2008

‘Performing Oppositions’ at International Performing Arts Conference in Yogyakarta Nov 15. 2006.

Guest lecture ‘The Big Friendly Developer and the Artist in Habitat’, at Performance Space, in Aug 10. 2006.

Presenter, ‘Since you left me……’ : The Love Affair with Post-Suharto Indonesia and the Future for Radical Performance Praxis’ at Arts, Culture And Political And Social Change Since Suharto, School Of Asian Languages & Studies, University Of Tasmania, Launceston 16–18 December, 2005

Presenter, ‘Performance Efficacy? (or working toward a 100% pay rise) ADSA Conference, UNSW July, 2001

Presenter, ‘The Subjugated Subversive: A case of Workers Theatre at ADSA Conference, University of Newcastle. July 17, 2000.