Marrickville School of Economics is an artist led pedagogy for doing economy differently.

Marrickville School of Economics

The Marrickville School of Economics is a creative accounting experiment and artist-led curriculum for studying and developing new ways to do economy.

MSE functions as a stink-tank for the forensic investigation of the systemic inadequacies of the current neoliberal economic model. Drawing on radical research and experimentation in other parts of the world, and empirical research from our own backyard, it seeks to enrich those with the desire to unfuck the economy, with the knowledge and skills to speak confidently about ideas to implement a new one.

This free school was open to all and commenced life at Frontyard Project space (Marrickville) in 2016. Designed for those wanting to unfuck the economy, its syllabus evolved to respond to the practical needs of the community. It ran for four semesters in Sydney including a guest appearance in Folkestone (UK) as part of Live Art Development Agency DIY presentations in August 2017. Plans are now in development for growing the online archive of resources and making possible for online delivery of the courses. Individual workshops are available to be delivered in situ.