Money Laundering

Money Laundering is an experimental business outfit for an artist-run laundromat in the feast and famine gig-economy.

Money Laundering is the outrageous business outfit you wear when you want to start an artist-led Laundromat. Four fierce and funny women friends commenced this project in 2016 as an experimental platform for working out a hybrid model combining the logics of social enterprise, worker cooperatives, and artist led practice.

The main mission of the artist run laundromat was to provide flexible employment for artists in between gigsā€”the time when you have just come off a big gig, or about to go overseas for a residency or development. The idea for the laundromat was to provide the artist with paid workin a job expressly designed to privilege their main gig as an artist, and provide back up income and support for them when they are needing some time out. When they just want to pay the rent, and do some mindful hands-on laundry.

We are taking a break to attend to other things, but this idea is brewing still, and we know it’s time has come!

Collaborators : Rebecca Conroy (Director); Sandy Saxon (Philanthropy) Julieanne Campbell (Strategic Direction) Sarah Chisholm (Business Development)